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Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray Makeup Revolution


     I find myself constantly on the lookout for new makeup products and skin care that claim to help solve this, oil control moisturisers, primers, foundation and powders anything that will keep my makeup looking good for longer.
   The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray  is a lightweight setting spray that helps deflect surface shine for a natural matte finish. High Tech ingredients keep foundation and eye makeup in place, with NO smudging and NO fading. That ‘Just-Applied’ look for up to 12 hours. 13295300_1009941099082386_1160977511_n
   The Oil Control Fixing Spray comes in a small bottle containing 100-ml of product a fair amount for the £5 price. After applying my makeup i simply hold the bottle about 10-inches away from my face and spray in an x shape onto my skin. The spray delivers a very fine mist which is just the right amount to not leave your face too wet, it dries really quickly and feels light and not at all sticky. As every setting spray, it helps blending all the makeup products nicely together, it takes away the powdery look if we use powder products and leaves a beautiful, naturally luminous look to the skin which I absolutely love and I think that’s the main advantage of using this spray.
    I’ve noticed that it does help slightly with the oil control, minimizing the need of blotting/powdering the face throughout the day  but it doesn’t stop the natural skin oils come through makeup. I also used the spray before applying my foundation and then on top  of my finished makeup and I think this way I got the best results of oil control.
While using this spray my makeup definitely lasts longer looking good. My foundation normally quickly disappears from my nose and chin but using the spray the wear time of my foundation in those areas was extended for an hour or so depending what foundation I used.13288881_1009941102415719_2120026977_n
   It’s a great budget option of makeup setting spray which makes your makeup look much better, it extends its longevity and helps minimizing the shine.
Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Fixing Sprays?





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