W7 Whipped Creme Foundation

Hello girls,

 Today’s post is going to be all about my first impressions of this whipped creme foundation by W7.                13444009_1020360188040477_1500103378_n                                                                                                                       The product is presented in a jar, glass and plastic cap on written nice W7  brand name, product name and its shade.                                                                                              I’ve tested it for two weeks, and every day the result was a spectacular.  13401356_1020360164707146_1051181869_n
Its formula creates a finish semi-matte , with the natural brightness and healthy skin. Texture to it as a foam, very dense yet while it is not cumbersome at all.
Maybe you think that having 18 ml not going to get much time, but you are wrong. I so I thought at first, being accustomed to foundations that have quantity 30 ml.
Nor notice that I’ve used, although came very quickly in my routine daily.
Need a small  amount  that stretches easily.
Let skin so soft! Nor do I believe it, how smooth is the skin after application.
I used fingers and brushes but the effect is the same. The complexion is brighter with a more healthy, uniform perfect.
The coverage has is average, but is buildable, meaning it can “build” cover your preference.
It does not contain perfume, making it perfect for sensitive skin.                                     Resistance to the transfer is average, I saw footprints on the phone screen.
There you dry but keeps it hydrated throughout the day.
On the back of the jar, there is a label which lists the ingredients


Girls, I am very, very impressed with this product. I really recommend  to test it and you will surely be surprised by the results.


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